Azlan Adrian Arif

Strut the Art

Azlan Adrian Arif is all about unorthodox approaches, vibrant, multi-faceted and most importantly staying true to his strong sense of individuality.

In 2008, he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in fashion design from RMIT University, Melbourne. His foray into the fashion world was driven by his desire to make women look and feel beautiful on the inside as well as on the outside.

Some of his inspirations include Karl Lagerfeld, for his regality, poise and sophistication, Olivier Theyskens for his “dark” personal style and expression flair and Riccardo Tisci for his vision, suave personification, and signature style.

He also draws inspiration from everyday life items like art, graffiti, cultures and even people. His globetrotting life in his growing years has acted as a catalyst to his personality and artistic flair.

His uniqueness is reflected in a fluid style that rides on spontaneous expressions and inspiration, flowing seamlessly from one life’s moment to another.

While maintaining the essence of individual uniqueness, he also celebrates and recognizes the diversity of life’s moments.